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Broken Branches




Since 2019





Transforming collateral damage through carrying, walking and observing.

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Researching deceleration, meritocracy, connection between land and nature, mental health, the Here and Now, wisdom of the body and ways of resistance

Veronika named the research method of walking, collecting deadwood and gaining knowledge on the way by carrying "Broken Branches". One of the main questions of the walks is:

How do we create value as humans?

She offers an example in choosing branches that she feels drawn to, suspecting that she bases her decisions on a particular way of having learned to see by studying at an Art Academy. With time as a natural resource and effort (work) by the artist's performance as a human resource, she charges the selected branches. The value is enhanced by placing the deadwood in an art institution, automatically transforming them into art.

She shares her experiences with the public on social media and through talks or speeches at galleries and other institutions.

from the Artist

“What I learned was that the Ebersberger Forst was just like New York but as a forest.”

– Veronika Dräxler
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