Walk Number One




Künstlerhof Frohnau




22,7 km

The birth of the
"Broken Branches" walk

Into the city

On a Sunday in January 2020, I visited Anna Niestroj in her studio at the Künstlerhof Frohnau. When the sun was setting, I walked to the bus station, and my eyes fell on a beautiful branch, similar to a lightning. I took it to the bus station, although it was a bit heavy and larger than myself. The bus driver was not very amused and refused to let me transport my branch. I already was clear about that I was in need of this branch to install it in Kreuzberg for a housewarming party. Unfortunately, my car was broken at this point. This inconvenience led me to challenge myself: Would I be able to walk more than 22 km while carrying the branch? Yes! I was:

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