Walk Number Three




Raue Sohlrampe


Halle50 DomagkAteliers


5,5 km

Cashflow makes borders permeable

As part of "Vaster than Empires and more slow"

...a multimedia narrative group exhibition whose title is taken from the science fiction novel by Ursula K. Le Guin. For the artists, Janina Totzauer, Lia Melissa Wehrs, An Laphan and Veronika Dräxler the exploration of a sentient planet described there stands metaphorically for the experience of digital space.

Learnings from the third walk:

1. When I arrived by car close to the point where I wanted to start, Google Maps stated I could drive through, but the reality was different: there was a sign telling it was only allowed for vehicles with permission to operate in this forest. Which I hadn’t. For arts sake I decided to try how far we would come anyway. I was able to drive through to where we wanted to start filming, but within one minute an older man on his e-bike approached the car clearly not amused. He dumped all his rage about young people violating nature and leaving trash while camping on forbidden places on me, while threating to report for illegal parking. It was impossible to have a dialogue and explain the true nature of the endeavor. So I took it as a sign, that this was the wrong starting point. Yes - I totally dislike trashing nature, too. But somehow we as humans enhancing our mobility with technical devices do it nonetheless - not as clearly as leaving trash, but every manufacturing of devices leaves harmful traces. But ok, I was also a bit art entitled so very likely art isn’t allowed to cross every line.
2. So I replaced the starting point to a payed parking slot on the other side of the Isar, the river flowing through Munich. Cashflow makes borders permeable - quite a cultural law.
3. I lost the first part of the branch on the bridge, because I got distracted by passers-by. Stay focused became my mantra to protect the broken branch from further hurt.

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