Wounds of Berlin

© 2021 Stefan Hobmaier





Galerie Weisser Elefant


5 photos printed on pvc tarp mounted on wood frames, each 210 x 280 cm

A repair patch shows an underlying wound that is still in the process of healing.

© 2019 Veronika Dräxler
Archiving repairs of bvg seats with the pattern design "Urban Jungle "by Herbert Lindinger
© 2021 Stefan Hobmaier

"Wounds of Berlin "is an archive of macro photography that documents the repair patches of Berlin underground seats with the pattern design "Urban Jungle" by Herbert Lindinger. The series refers to Joseph Beuys' installation "Show me your wound" from 1976 and is the prelude to further dialogical works like the artists' performance "Medea" dealing with Beuys' plastic theory and the transitions between "visible and invisible sculpture".

The archive is featured in the catalogue magazine "Post-everything Ritualism and Hypernaturality" from 2019.

The Galerie Weißer Elefant, Berlin, presented the prints as an outdoor installation to the public.

© 2021 Veronika Dräxler
Heile deine Wunde
(Heal your wound)

Later in September 2021, three prints were exhibited at Aware Festival, Werneuchen. Unfortunately, a festival guest vandalized the artworks with spray overnight. The artist took back her work by overpainting the anonymous messages with the word "Heile deine Wunde" (Heal you wound).

© 2021 Stefan Hobmaier
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